What are the Easy Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Rankings

It is one thing to create e-commerce with the best content possible under the sun and a completely different thing to make it successful in ensuring there is enough traction on the platform.  

While one can improve on the ‘Exit Rates’ to a page by providing the content is marketed well to the right audience and the content on the website is relevant for the target audience, it would be criminal to spend one’s dollars on digital marketing only to find the ‘Bounce Rate’ being high, thanks to spending the dollars in marketing the content to a wrong audience. Here are some cheat codes on how to reduce one bounce rate and improve the page’s ranking. 

  • Make the content Relevant: Relevance of the content is the most critical aspect for the success of a platform. While it is straightforward to build traffic to a platform by spending money on digital marketing, best returns on the dollar can only be achieved if the content the audience is being directed to is made relevant. Specific tasks one must keep in mind for the same would be 
  • Keep the content simple: Content, when kept clutter free, crisp and, preferably, presented as bullets or with sub-headings. Make the content readable and pleasing to the audience’s eye. 
  • Use images, Charts, etc. wisely: Some of the best websites use this extensively. These images and charts, if available, not only break the monotony of the content but also adds a lot of colors and grabs attention. Care should be taken that these are also relevant to the content on the website.
  • Use Target Keywords strategically: For the digital business to grow organically, it is critical to select the keywords wisely to complement the content. The more the relevance of the keywords used that are relevant to the content, the more the engagement and the lesser the bounce rate. 
  • Involve the customers: Another very effective ploy is to engage the customers by involving them in the content. Use questionnaires, throw in a specific call to actions every now-and-then, basically do anything to ensure the customer is giving his complete attention. 
  • Provide strategic Call-to-actions: While the content can be great, it should ideally lead to some action from the visitor. These call-to-actions should be a part of the content so that there is continuity concerning the content being provided. It is thus critical to have these at the right spot, neither too late or too early

Build a mobile-friendly website: If trends are to go by, gone are the days when the consumers preferred to use the desktops and laptops to visit various platforms. With the invent of smartphones, creating content to be viewed only on desktops is no longer relevant. To maximize the returns from the website, it is best to build content that is also mobile friendly. Especially critical today as the consumer no longer waits to be in front of the computer to visit a page. The user needs to be wow’ed even if they visit the website on their mobile phones. 

Design to keep navigation simple: The lesser the effort one needs to put into switching between various landing pages, the longer the stackability of the visitor to the platform, leading to the better prospect of the transaction on the platform. It is best to limit or avoid any distractions in the content like advertisements or pop-ups. 

Optimize the Page-load time: In today’s day and age, time is money. While relevant content is critical, the time each landing page takes to load can be life changing for the visitors today are spoilt for choices and soon tire if the page they are looking for does not load on time. 

Finally, please remember that this is not a one-time activity and needs to be continuously monitored using various page ranking platforms to ensure the success of the steps undertaken. Data today is a great teacher that can help us fine-tune the next steps.