What are the Effective Ways to Create Shareable Content that can increase your Website Traffic.

One of the essential aspects for any brand today concerning content is to get it viral and encourage others to share the same for maximum brand reach. Equally daunting is creating fresh content that can hit the right chord with the right audience. Here are some hacks that can help in creating sharable content to increase one’s blog traffic. 

Know your audience, and what they want: Elementary, but extremely critical is to identify who the target audience is and understanding what they want. Use all the analytical data available on the performance of past blogs and content. No point recreating the entire wheel once again. Another smart way to know what the audience wants is by creating polls and surveys on various social platforms like twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc. Listen to the audience, and they will always guide on what should be the next content on.

Keep the content light, humorous and informative: Irrespective of whether the content is long or short; what the audience expects is the content should be informative. As long as the content catches the imagination of the audience, the content will be a hit. On the contrary, if the content is speaking about a problem and is suggesting a solution, it is best to keep the content short and crisp. Know what is being written about and craft it accordingly. Add a dash of humor to the content, and one has a perfect recipe, almost. Humour is considered to be one of the strongest bonds one can create with their audience and also increases the probability of the user to share the content. It is believed that humor helps connect at a deeper level with the audience. 

Ride on the ‘Trending Wave’: In today’s day and age of technology, there is no shortage of topics and things which are trending. Be aware of the same while deciding to create your content, understand how the same can be used best in content and how the content being created can be related to the already popular topic and trends and, voila, one has a higher probability of a hit content. Not only will the share percentage increase, but it will also help drive additional traffic to the website. A word of caution, though, please look for trending topics that the audience can relate to the blog being written about and not anything generic and try and manipulate to suit the content being created. How does one identify these trending topics? 

    1. Well, for one, these topics are trending, so they will be hard to miss
    2. Social media will have plenty of mention of these topics – they are trending for this reason after all
    3. Multiple digital platforms are already in the market which has dedicated a section on trending topics. Make the most of these
    4. Various search platforms also list down trending hashtags, keywords, etc. Milk them to the full. 

Stories interest all age-groups: No matter how old one grows, the fascination of stories never dies on us. While creating any content, ensure that not only do we put the same across in the form of a story, but try, and the story flow and relatable as one read through. Try and build a castle in front of the reader such that the reader can envision the same. Kindle their imagination. 

Add images, video’s and other user-generated content: A picture speaks louder than the notes. Make use of it. Not only do they make the content look more attractive, but they can also communicate a lot. Also adding content already created on the web and trending and sharing the same in one’s material is another excellent way to hit the right chords with the right audience. 

Finally, none of this matters if the content is not error-free. Ensure the spellings grammar, and the content is legitimate and comprises of no-nonsense. `